DensityDesign develops research projects in the domain of visual representation, stemming from a design perspective. Our research interests include theoretical and epistemological reflections on visualizations and analyses of their cognitive underpinnings, in addition to the development of large frameworks for data visualization and ad-hoc solutions for speculative narration. We adopt an open approach to visualization, working from visual storytelling to visual analytics. Design is, thus, treated more like a proper language than a tool. We use this language in practice to define a new—visual—epistemology.
Even in theoretical research, the final data are always diagrams. However, diagrams are unable to offer either scholars or laypeople definitive answers; instead they help in drafting better questions about the observed phenomena. Their strength often relies more on their capability for formatting data than on their visual aspects. A diagram can be viewed as a finding engine, rather than a search engine: it can serve as an entry point, opening new spaces for action and new options for intervention. DensityDesign is a flexible and resilient research lab, open to collaborations with private institutions, NGOs, other universities, and private companies.
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