DensityDesign collaboration with Corriere della Sera began from a shared purpose: the development of an advanced approach to data journalism. With the weekly page “Nuovi Linguaggi” the lab tried to explore the most disparate phenomena trough visual models. The topics to be visualized have been decided together with La Lettura (Corriere della Sera Sunday supplement) editorial staff, then DensityDesign took care of the data retrieval, analysis and visualization.
As for many of the topics structured data don’t really exist, most of the datasets have been retrieved from the Internet: partly with automatic methods, partly manually.
For each page DensityDesign creates an original solution, taking advantage of many different tools such as semantic analysis and network theory: a process which also reflects DD work method, that focuses not just on the visualization side but on structuring and shaping complex phenomena.

Check our Flickr Album to see our works done for La Lettura