Consolidation thesis

Consolidation thesis – rawgraphs in the academy

RAWGraphs is used in many academic resources. In many of them it is directly cited, in others just mentioned. This allows us to check who used the software, in which field, with what purpose, and using which visual model.

The thesis aim is to assess the current adoption of the tool, by analysing the areas, usages, and visual models. The expected outcome is a curated dataset of cases and its representation as a digital or static collection of visualisations.

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Thesis research tracks

Alternative narratives for data activism and data literacy

This track investigates and explores ways to make visible the systems, infrastructures, and power relations that exist around the actors and entities that control and use personal data, in order to design communication artifacts that inform a broad public. Based on data and research, this track experiments with data visualization and narratives for engaging and informing diverse publics.  

Rather than giving specific topics, this line of research is open to students with like-minded interests and motivations.

Some example of previous thesis are:

research thesis

consolidation thesis

  • Tim Olbrich — Public Privacy: A counter archive to expose privacy through visual AI manipulation
  • Federica Laurencio — What might the school of 2030 be like? Un esercizio di traduzione intersemiotica e rimediazione

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