FIRE Project analyses the illicit trafficking in firearms (ITF) in the 28 European Member States and provides best practices and recommendations to reduce and prevent the crime.

The project is coordinated by Transcrime (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) and funded by the Horizon2020 Framework Programme (Fund n. HOME/2013/ISEC/FP/C1/4000005009).

The lab has been involved in the development of methods for collecting and analysing data coming from multiple sources.

Over the three years we defined a semi-automated process that collected and clustered local newspaper article from the 28 countries members of the EU. The articles were used to track the amount of crimes committed using illegal weapons, as well as the involved people.

Among the output of the project, we curated the creation of an interface able to present the resulting data and to explore it.

Here you can find the interface we realised to explore the collected data: