The research is developed around the contemporary debate on LGBT parenting: a current, delicate and controversial issue.

The thesis aims to investigate how the discussion occurs, analyzing the arguments supported by each side to fully understand the reasons that lead to the clash of opinions.

First of all, I will conduct a historical investigation to understand how the perception of homosexuality and the discussion about it has changed over time. Then, I will analyze some reliable sources to outline which is the visible image portrayed by official data at national, european and global level. After describing and deepening the sub-debate that I want to deal with — regarding parenthood in a homosexual couple — I will conduct an in-depth research to map the contemporaneity. I will work following the Controversy Mapping guidelines, using Digital Methods. Then, I will define the research questions I want to answer; I will elaborate some investigation protocols and I will visualize the detected insights.

The project that I am going to develop, starting from the conducted analysis, is made for people with uncertain opinions. The aim is to make them think, to defeat prejudice spreading information about the topic and to bring the user closer to the acceptance of the phenomenon.

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