The visual representation, commissioned by Domus magazine in collaboration with Spacelab, has the goal of identifying patterns of similarities among architectural projects around the world. (check the article)

The aim is to set up a sort of annotated knowledge base of projects and architectural artefacts, a wealth of knowledge useful for ordering and understanding their evolutionary lines, their intersections (touch points or crossbreedings) and leaps forward with the addition of new topics and new points of view (milestones), their latent presence or their extinction. Understanding why some of these ideas have been more successful than others. And finally debunk the myth of the lone, supercelestial Creator-of-Beauty, who always knows perfectly well to be in good company.
Luca Silenzi

The World class archi-memes distribution map represents the distribution of archi-memes categories with respect to geography, time and author.

The analyzed buildings are categorised into three taxonomic types according to a three-level hierarchy. The three categories are associated with the colours cyan, magenta and yellow, which are mixed in specific percentages determined by the hierarchy to obtain a unique colour for each building.
The map shows the geographical distribution of the three taxonomic types.