Poliscope is a close collaboration between the communication department of Politecnico di Milano and DensityDesign Research Lab.  Poliscope aims to present data about different dimensions of Politecnico di Milano, with a collection of interactive visualisations. Between June 2017 and December 2019 the team from DensityDesign designed and developed an interactive application, running on 4k screens placed in key points around Leonardo and Bovisa campuses in Milan.


The views

Poliscope is a modular and adaptable application. In its first release, Poliscope had four sections, then a fifth view was added: each section describes Politecnico as a complex system from a different point of view.


Who we are

“Who we are”shows a snapshot of Politecnico population in 2018 from a demographic point of view. By grouping and faceting with the filters available, it is possible to have quantitative and distributive visualisations of various demographic information about students, professors and researchers.


Students Journey

“Students Journey” shows the complete story of all the students enrolled in Politecnico in different academic years, starting from 2011. The visualisation shows the students path through the years, from what they studied before enrolling at Politecnico until the conclusion of their academic career.



“Exchanges” shows the movement of students between Politecnico and other international universities, focusing on student exchange programmes (such as the Erasmus programme). The visualisation highlights the ratio between outgoing and incoming students and the annual overview of the chosen destinations.


Research Network

“Research Network” shows the universe of relationships and research collaborations between Politecnico and international laboratories, universities and companies, with a focus on the European Horizon 2020 initiative and teaching collaborations. The visualisation differentiates occasional collaborations from consolidated relationships within the network.


Thesis Keywords

“Thesis Keywords” shows the network of keywords associated with all the master theses discussed in Politecnico from 2010 until 2018. The visualisation shows trends and insights emerging from the relationship between each word and schools or courses of Politecnico.