The coming of social networks has offered the researchers immense opportunities to collect data which even increase rapidly and continuously. The subject of this graduation thesis has studied a sample of Milan-based Twitter users – platform chosen thanks to its scoop-oriented line – focusing their mood towards culture and its operativeness in their city in 2012. This project has made possible the examination of the bottom-up view based not on the stakeholder’s opinion, but the user’s. The cultural events and their places found in tweet have been classified and defined according to their referred concepts and published by the users in the period of three months data collection. The result of the proceeding adopted has been a sequence of cartographies and visualizations which try to reveal knowledge, categories, routes, places and events which characterize the Milanese’s idea of culture in their city today. In the last part of the project the bottom-up vision has been compared with the imagine the places and the events want to give of themselves (top-down), so that it would be possible to find their similitudes and discrepancies. This Hashtlas doesn’t only wont to be a point of arrival of this specific research, but it proposes itself like the first step of the development of a method able to allow analogous studies of new territories and themes in a more and more automatized and efficacious manner.