Giorgio worked as research fellow at DensityDesign Research Lab. from 2013 to 2015. Before graduating, in 2008 he was selected for the MEDES (Master of European Design) and he spent one year in Cologne studying at KISD (Köln International School of Design) and one at ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris, where he could experience different design approaches and develop his skills in different field of Communication Design. In Paris he also worked as intern at H5 and Attoma Design, before coming back to Milan to finish his studies and collaborate with the DensityDesign Research lab. He founded with Matteo Azzi a new design studio focused on tailored data–driven experiences and research called calibro in 2016.

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Book Chapters

Information Visualizations and Interfaces in the Humanities link

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In New Challenges for Data Design: Articles & Interviews, London: Springer-Verlag. Ed. by Bihanic, D.

Conference Proceedings

RAWGraphs: A Visualisation Platform to Create Open Outputs full paper

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Visualisation Strategies for Comparing Political Ideas with the ORATIO platform full paper

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BORDERS. Visual analysis of Cinema’s inner dynamics and evolutions. A case study based on the Internet Movie Database. link

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Knot: an Interface for the Study of Social Networks in the Humanities full paper

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Journal Articles

Climaps by Emaps in 2 Pages (A Summary for Policy Makers and Busy People) link

Michele Mauri, Giorgio Uboldi, Daniele Ciminieri, Matteo Azzi, Tommaso Venturini, Axel Meunier, Anders Munk, David Laniado, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, Bernhard Rieder. 2015.
Available at SSRN