Tommaso Elli is researcher at the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano. He started collaborating with DensityDesign as an intern in 2015 and got his PhD in Design in 2022 with a dissertation on the use of visualization in support to Literary Criticism. His interests include information visualization, critical studies on visualization, digital humanities, open source software, and creative coding. He supported the activities of the group in different research projects an in teaching activities of the Final Synthesis Design Studio and in the Creative Coding course.

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Book Chapters

Beyond Visualization full paper

Paolo Ciuccarelli, Tommaso Elli. 2019.
In H. Hotson & T. Wallnig (Eds.), Reassembling the Republic of Letters in the Digital Age: Standards, Systems, Scholarship (Vol. 1–1, pp. 299–314). Universitätsverlag Göttingen.

Conference Proceedings

Visualizing the genetic process of literary works link

Valentina Pallacci, Andrea Benedetti, Tommaso Elli, Michele Mauri. 2022.
In F. Ciracì, G. Miglietta, & C. Gatto (Eds.), Culture digitali. Intersezioni: Filosofia, arti, media. (pp. 179–184)

Metaphors as Knowledge Activators in Data Visualizations: The case of the Archipelago of Calvino’s literary works link

Tommaso Elli, Angeles Briones, Beatrice Gobbo, Michele Mauri. 2021.
Proceedings of Cumulus Conference Roma 2021. Cumulus, Romas.

“Drawing with Code”: the Experience of Teaching Creative Coding as a Skill for Communication Designers full article

Andrea Benedetti, Tommaso Elli, Michele Mauri. 2020.
12th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, 3478–3488

RAWGraphs: A Visualisation Platform to Create Open Outputs full paper

Michele Mauri, Tommaso Elli, Matteo Azzi, Giorgio Uboldi. 2017.
In Proceedings of the 12th Biannual Conference on Italian SIGCHI Chapter (p. 28:1–28:5). New York, NY, USA: ACM.

Visualisation Strategies for Comparing Political Ideas with the ORATIO platform full paper

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In M. Eder & J. Rybicki (Eds.), Digital Humanities 2016. Conference Abstracts. Krakow: Jagiellonian University & Pedagogical University.


Tied in Knots: A Case Study on Anthropographic Data Visualization About Sexual Harassment in the Academy link

Tommaso Elli. 2020.
2020 IEEE VIS Arts Program (VISAP), 29–44