In 2005 he graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. In 2010 he obtained a PhD degree summa cum laude in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at Politecnico di Milano with the dissertation “Seeing what they are saying: Diagrams for social complexity and controversies”.
After two years  as research fellow and senior designer at DensityDesign Lab, where he carried out scientific researches, design project and teaching activities in the field of visual epistemology,  he joined, as Post-Doc reseach fellow the Bruno Latour’s AIME project [founded by ERC Grant ‘IDEAS’ 2010 n° 269567 under the EC – FP7/2007-2013].
He is Research Assistant Professor of “Digital tools and methods for visualization” at the Politecnico di Milano and Assistant Professor of “Representação e Conhecimento” (Knowledge and Representation) at the Universidade de Aveiro.

Related projects


Book Chapters

Linguaggi e proiezioni cartografiche del territorio: dal panorama del Reno alle orme digitali abstract

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In Architettura e turismo Ed. Luigi Coccia. Franco Angeli.

New maps from the media-city. CityMurmur as a tool for the visualization of urban space link

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Complexity Maps

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Design and visualization. Diagrammatic tools for complexity full paper

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Dust. La multidimensionalità del dato e la sua visualizzazione full paper

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Conference Proceedings

A Didactical Framework to Experiment the Potential of Visual Languages in Engaging Social Complexity full paper

Francesca Valsecchi, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Donato Ricci, Giorgio Caviglia. 2010.
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From Data to Knowledge. Visualizations as transformation processes within the Data-Information-Knowledge continuum abstract

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The DensityDesign lab: communication design experiments among complexity and sustainability full paper

Francesca Valsecchi, Donato Ricci, Giorgio Caviglia, Paolo Ciuccarelli. 2010.
in Proceedings Cumulus Conference 2010 "Young Creators for Better City and Better Life", Shanghai, Tongji University, China, September 2010

Handling changes through diagrams: Scale and grain in the visual representation of Complex Systems full paper

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Reshaping communication design tools. Complex systems structural features for design tools full paper

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Journal Articles

Designing Controversies and Their Publics full paper

Tommaso Venturini, Donato Ricci, Michele Mauri, Axel Meunier, Lucy Kimbell. 2015.
Design Issues, 31(3), 74–87.

Dust: A Visualization Tool Supporting Parents’ School Choice Evaluation Process full paper

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Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, Vol. 3 n° 4

In Poche Parole. Brevi note sulla storia dei linguaggi visuali full article

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LINK, n. 10, pag. 143-153

Tell them anything but the truth: they will find their own. How we visualized the map of the future with respect to the audience of our story abstract

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Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks – a Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2010.
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Diagrammi generativi (Generative diagrams) full article

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3rd International Workshop on Social Network Analysis, Collaboration Networks and Knowledge Diffusion: Theory, Data and Methods Contributed Sessions on Network Visualization. Naples, Italy. June 23-25, 2011.

Data-driven Exploration of Dynamical Networks link

Donato Ricci. 2011.
DexDyn(Data-driven Exploration of Dynamical Networks). IMéRA - Institut Méditerranéen de Recherches Avancées, Marseille, France. April 14-15, 2011.

Engines of findings: A Data (Re)Materialization Experience

Donato Ricci. 2011.
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Visualizing and understanding (Italian) society between ethics and aesthetics link

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Versus – Diagrams and visualization to observe social Complexity link

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Visualizing environmental discourse in design issue.

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