Francesca Valsecchi is a communication & service design practitioner and researcher.
Since 2005 Francesca has been involved in Design Department at Politecnico of Milano, as MA student, PhD,  Research Fellow, and member of DensityDesign Research and Teaching program.
Her researches and projects are developed across the themes of visualizations of complex systems, ICT for service design, knowledge sharing, open source design and open culture.
Francesca is currently Post Doc of European Commission and is visiting at Tongji University and TekTao Studio in Shanghai; the ongoing research focuses to structure, manage and empower the knowledge-related aspects of the Chongming Eco-Community project, and will develop a communication strategy for the Chongming Island system.
Not less-designerly skills: networker, hacktivist, (un)perfect cook, gardener.

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Book Chapters

Identità delle architetture plurali. Ruolo delle comunità nella fenomenologia della rete

Francesca Valsecchi. 2009.
in Le architetture liquide, Ciastellardi M., LED

Conference Proceedings

A Didactical Framework to Experiment the Potential of Visual Languages in Engaging Social Complexity full paper

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From Data to Knowledge. Visualizations as transformation processes within the Data-Information-Knowledge continuum abstract

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The DensityDesign lab: communication design experiments among complexity and sustainability full paper

Francesca Valsecchi, Donato Ricci, Giorgio Caviglia, Paolo Ciuccarelli. 2010.
in Proceedings Cumulus Conference 2010 "Young Creators for Better City and Better Life", Shanghai, Tongji University, China, September 2010

Ethnographic approach to design knowledge. Dialogue and participation as discovery tools within complex knowledge contexts full paper

Francesca Valsecchi, Paolo Ciuccarelli. 2009.
In IASDR Conference Proceedings, Rigor and Relevance in Design Research, 18-22 October 2009, Seoul, South Korea.

Handling changes through diagrams: Scale and grain in the visual representation of Complex Systems full paper

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Network shapes design activities. ICT supporting open and shared design processes full paper

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