Media System | Scenario | Telecom: more than a paper.

Media System | Scenario, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

The map of Italian media system present in the foreground the role of the publishing market and its major players, compared to the chain of contents. This level in the production chain is characterized, within the diagram, through the relationship between editorial portfolio and absolute revenues, from which emerge the relative revenues. The critical analysis of this strategic dimension, offers comparisons between the different types of publisher, starting on the basis of these observations and deductions, precise ideas of the possible changes of the system. In particular, noting the portion where are placed the publisher’s televisions shows that Telecom is in disadvantage compared with its competitors: Mediaset and RAI. Despite editorial choices rather than positive in terms of uniformity and consistency of editorial contents, Telecom is a minor publisher, also considering its portfolio, related exclusively to the television and the Internet interfaces.
On the opposite side of the editorial circle, it becomes clear another actor, for the size tied to a single product: the free-press newspaper Metro. The assumption we have made connecting these two realities, suggests a scenario in which Telecom enlarge its portfolio remaining closed to the same target audience (young 20/40 years, culture medium-high, residents in the major urban centres) connected to the Internet and self-production, to enter the market of free-press, increasing the value of the monthly newspaper Urban.

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