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Infrastructure System | Scenario, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

Decisions are normally taken from the high, by a minority of players, leaving out those more related to the territory.
How we can get them in?
Through four steps: awakening, aggregating, activating, complaining

How does our scenario develop?

Federconsumatori, monitoring the situation constantly, discovers that into the National Action Plan it’s provided the building of a new infrastructure. So, she communicates immediately this news to her subsection placed on the area.
The local division of Federconsumatori organizes a communication plan to awake population.
Citizens are now informed and actively involved until the pre-stage, with the possibility to create their own proposal.
Town councils, provinces and regions, representatives of Federconsumatori at the local level and of all associations involved participate at the table of conciliation
Decisions, taken in this table, are then reported by the institutions at the decision-making table.
Federconsumatori offers tools that allows from one side to inform citizens about the development of the system and from the other side to become thyself an active part in the creation of this story.
This continuous monitoring system can’t avoid some decisions, that are contrary to what had been agreed together.
When this happens, citizens, more united, can start a protest focused and strong.

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