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Initially, when the committee is formed, we have taken the commitment to respond promptly to all questions, the technical questions, requests for clarification and claim that the participants in the committee vsebujejo gradually. At first it was not easy to convince the offices of the province that had to respond to all at once. But gradually the mechanism was engaged, so obviously imperfect (given the high number of observations prevented), but acceptable. This step was very important. The committee members, accustomed to the fact that the authorities do not respond almost ever, were very impressed by the fact that in this case the answer came almost forever. (Luigi Bobbio, A più voci)

Management tools in the design of infrastructure

The clear box is a communication project that follows the process of implementation by the beginning of the implementation.
The clear box presents methods for the management of communication between those aims, finances, designs and implements infrastructure in the territory (Kit). The clear box speaks and interacts with the public administration closer to the territory concerned with the municipalities, provinces and regions.
The clear box is composed of a team that encompasses the skills required to manage the service.
Arguably we figure competent in the field of information who will be covering the operation and maintenance of the portal to the advice with the target.
The clear box finally provide assistance on the use of various tools provided.

The core of the application. The application is the central collection and display of information on infrastructure: shows the variations in cost of funds, their origin and their destination, the data public companies dealers involved in the design and implementation of the various resolutions public, details of environmental impact assessments and the timing of implementation.
The application structure and portrays the information in a graphics card info “in line so that the data are quickly available. A scheduled informational stabilise the Report on paper the amount of updated data.

The objectives
The clear box wants to provide the public communication methodologies and tools for understanding and perceiving the problems of citizens, disseminate accurate information, find and interact with stakeholders, explain and resolve conflicts:

Providing accurate and accessible information on the project
Do not ignore potentially important aspects
Empowering and involve public administrations also in the early stages
Facilitate the collection of ideas, opinions, doubts and concerns from all stakeholders
Facilitate consultation procedures of information

The kit is the tool that will serve to interface with the administration application that will help to carry out consultations with stakeholders in the territory and to standardize the feedback so that they could be integrated in order to have an overall view more accessible .
Kit will probably declined in three models, each of which will face a precise stage:

Techniques for listening: used especially in the early stages, when it comes to begin an inclusive process, to identify possible partners and understand what are the issues on which to work;
Techniques for constructive interaction: methods that help participants to speak among themselves and to produce interesting conclusions;
Techniques for conflict resolution: methods that help to tackle controversial issues. They can be used when a conflict arises;

Every administration, received the kit, must take action to publicise the consultation, organize assemblies according to the rules we have provided for the holding back the results of the consultation through the same access to specially created within the application.
The purpose of the kit will be:

Fostering understanding to non-specialists
Structuring the second shared rules
Commit transparency

Especially the last point is that we believe more problematic in view of Italian and it is also what we hope to give more results.
Through this procedure in fact forces the government to take timely attitude of the most felt by the population. Any lack of willingness to cooperate with this project will be highlighted in and will be visible to all.
The Application is the aggregator of information from the clear box. Data is entered into preset mode (also in “Wizard”) The data relate to the second phase of the project:

Data Project:
Data traffic population
Loans (public funds and private donors)
Materials (origin, quantity, cost)
Data sources

Environmental data
Data proper geological, biological, naturalistic
Espropri, deforestation
Any deliberations EIA
Data sources

Rulings; dates of conference services
Any reference laws
Data sources

Construction Data
Information on companies dealerships
Tempistiche of yards

The application incorporates memory and takes comments also registered user via web and shows the geography of the territory.
The data stored will be structured to get the report in its consultation paper, manage and send newsletters to date.
The clear box comes alive during the first phase of construction of infrastructure and then collects data from all stakeholders: public administrations, builders, lenders and developers.
The information collected thus giving the go-ahead to a process that will continue, acting at every stage until the end of the public.
For work is completed will then form a dossier which will be a sort of memory.
The clear box will be available to public administrations through the gateway, but also through service information service for citizens, which is available in several “release”, according to the different requirements.

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