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Media System | Scenario, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

The map shows a possible scenario formulated from the study about the Media System Map in theItalian area. We pointed out that in the setting of the editorial groups there are few principal actors,who act in the editorial field, in particular in thebook market: GeMS, Mondadori e RCS.
Their receipts, relative and absolute, turn outto be quite down in relation to the other editorial groups that concern with other media. Howeverthese editorial groups detain the monopoly of themain publishing houses in the italian marketplace.
From the map we can see also the growing tendenceto the user’s direct involvement into the system, who is productor of contents more and more personalized, and to the resulting amplificationof the gap created in the map where the user is situated.
The hypothesized scenario therefore plan the collaboration between all editorial groups who work in the editorial field, so that they could join their resources to increase their capital and visibility in this area.
These goals could be obtained matching also the resources of the users who take part of this initiative, improving their contents. From this further partnership a new product is brought to life.

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