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Hospital System | Scenario, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

A system is not a system without its USER. A hospital is not a hospital without its PATIENT.
1. This is the hospital system.
As a complex it has some problems that are difficult to predict and solve. Why these problems could happen? How about looking better to the user’s hospital system? The user needs to face the system and to understand it to start a process. The user is not just another element of the system. He’s a person. He’s not just one, but many. And they are all different from each other. They have different cultures. They will all access the hospital. What happen then? It seems we have a problem.
2. What can we do?
Let’s imagine a nurse who goes everyday to the hospital. She arrives at same time, goes to the clothing and gets ready to start her work. But now, the procedure has changed. She also takes something else. A tool. A tool which is capable to collect users’s data. She assistes patients everyday. Builds a personal relationship with them. She collects multicultural behavior database during all day. By the end of the job day, she takes it and turns it off. She’ll repeat the same actions in the next day. Monthly she must take this tool to the collecting data specialist. The sociologist analyzes and evaluates these data. This new collaborative evaluation gives the opportunity to model learning actions. And future actions. This new service brings a new perception about the multicultural approach inside the hospital. The new service personalyzes the communication between patients and all the actors who work inside the hospital.
3. It helps to decode the multicultural perception.
Because is not the user who should adapt himself to the system, but the system that must get adapted to the user. A system is not a system without its user. A hospital is not a hospital without its patient.

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