The lack of certainty is a distinctive feature of our contemporary society: the variable economic trends, the unstable work dynamics, the commodification of job and the environmental issues are only few agents of uncertainty.

This current condition is enhanced by uncertain knowledge of the phenomena listed above: is there such thing as the economic crisis? Is the environment really in danger? Are fixed-term contracts synonymous with precariousness or flexibility? Are public schools and university at risk? To explore these issues we will analyse both structured (official and unofficial) and unstructured (internet) information sources, use complexity principles to make sense of them and use communication design tools to propose and implement future strategies.

The educational purpose is to teach how to observe, understand and let others see what we have understood. The aim of the project is to facilitate policy makers and citizens in making more conscious decisions.

The student groups were given the following themes to research and work on:

  • Education
  • Family and Society
  • Work
  • Health
  • Personal Security
  • Environment

The following projects were developed by the students through the course:

The following students partecipated to this year's course:

Federica Bardelli, Marco Bonfieni, Alessandro Marino Giuseppe Brunetti, Laura Cantadori, Veronica Clarin, Gabriele Colombo, Stefano Cotzia, Alessandro Dallafina, Giulia De Amicis, Carlo Alessandro Morgan De Gaetano,Monica Diani, Francesco Faggiano, Chiara Girardelli, Stefano Greco, Marco La Mantia, Ruijing Li, Jacopo Marcolini, Davide Martinotti, Giorgio Mozzorecchia, Felipe Alejandro Ospina Borras, Simone Paoli, Valerio Pellegrini, Tommaso Renzini, Manuela Blanca Scarian, Benedetta Signaroldi, Tommaso Trojani, Giorgio Roberto Uboldi, Francesco Villa, Annamaria Andrea Vitali, Xuan Wu, Shuzhen Xia