The third and last exercise of the Integrated Course Final Synthesis Studio explores the narrative power of data and information visualizations through audiovisual artifacts. In this third phase knowledge emerging from structured and official sources and the results produced by the research based on digital methods are combined in order to create a coherent story and build solid arguments to support the taking of a stand on the observed phenomenon.

Motion graphics techniques were employed as a thick description method and they will show a personal point of view on complex issues.
Below you can find the videos created by students.

Personal security

Project by:
Federica Bardelli
Alessandro Marino Giuseppe Brunetti
Gabriele Colombo
Giulia De Amicis
Carlo Alessandro Morgan De Gaetano


Project by:
Marco Bonfieni
Chiara Girardelli
Ruijing Li
Manuela Blanca Scarian
Annamaria Andrea Vitali


Project by:
Felipe Alejandro Ospina Borras
Stefano Cotzia
Jacopo Marcolini
Davide Martinotti
Xuan Wu


Project by:
Alessandro Dallafina
Francesco Faggiano
Stefano Greco
Marco La Mantia
Simone Paoli


Project by:
Laura Cantadori
Veronica Clarin
Giorgio Mozzorecchia
Tommaso Renzini
Benedetta Signaroldi


Project by:
Monica Diani
Valerio Pellegrini
Tommaso Trojani
Giorgio Roberto Uboldi
Francesco Villa