Visual Literacy

visual index

I read Kevin Kelly article on The New York Times Magazine and I found the concept of Visual Literacy very interesting.

Even if our society is getting aware of the importance of visual language for our contemporary communication, visual language needs more research to get to the point of being totally accepted in artefacts where traditionally we use text. But maybe it is the same problem it was for text literacy that has required a long list of innovations and techniques that permits ordinary readers and writers to manipulate text in ways that make it useful and in order to make sense of it. (For instance, if you have a large document, you need a table of contents to find your way through it. And more: quotation symbols, alphabetic index, page numbers and a lot more. They have been invented in the 13th century. As it took several hundred years for the consumer tools of text literacy to crystallize after the invention of printing, we now need “visual-literacy tools” for fully understand something that is completely made of image.

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