Quality of life

I have been discussing a lot about quality of life in the last month in very different situations, and it made me thinking this is a key and imperative issue now.
I presented a paper in Changing the change conference in Turin. The conference was about design research for sustainability and was a very outstanding place for exchanging ideas and meet interesting people. I spoke with Chris Ryan about giving example of a more quality base life to everyone as a power of change, with Banny Banerjee on design complex and I had a great dinner with Jogi Panghaal and a lot of other designers and research from all over the world.
Back to Milan I bought the issue 15 of Monocle a “special edition devoted to building better cities, neighbourhoods and residences” that present the world’s top 25 most liveable cities (there is no need to say that Milan is not in the 25).
I went to Pollenzo to participate the Designing connected places summer school. I worked very hard for a week, sleeping few hours and stressing out a lot, but having the possibility to eat excellence food in a slow natural environment and giving myself the time to swim in the sun for half an hour a day has changed the whole perception of the hard job we had to do.

Now this quality of life idea is constantly in the back of my mind, I only have to throw away all the junk food in my fridge… That’s quality of life!

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