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Hospital System | Labirintignoti
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Following a change of philosophy, due to the recent studies’ results, the hospital system does not consider the user any more as a generic and standardized customer, but it takes conscience of the psychological factors able to condition and affect positively not only on the times, but also the recovery itself. The patient is not deprived any more of his characteristics, identity and culture, and it is considered paying attention to his necessities, given both by the subjective characteristics of the individual, and by the illness itself. From here it is born the project of improvement of ambient atmosphere, which sees in Regione Lombardia the subject promoter of the initiative; to this, a communication and an action are partnership taken turned to awaken the audience and look for some companies by one: Labirintignoti, or rather a space prepared in his turn communicated by promocard, shows and posters 3d.
The role of the preparation is triple: above all wants to be aware the audience, thanks to a programming which will move the first in every province, what it will be so dipped in a different reality; in second place the will and the engagement of Regione Lombardia are clear made in improving the regional sanitary system, also promoting events of this kind to pick up funds.
At last, many people will visit the preparation, materials and tools will see used be for the building of the “labyrinth” itself, and both those that they could be used in the putting into effect of the project , therefore an interesting shop window is revealed for whoever wants to show its products.
The space wants to be a reclause in metaphorical key of the difficulties of orientation and exploration of environments and seeds places or completely ipo conditions or also of not vedenza, recreating the uneasinesses lived during the bound period in bed to problems so than the sight. To awaken the visitors on the theme, and therefore push them to contribute in first person, they one places in the same conditions as the beneficiaries of the intervention , therefore the user is placed in a labyrinth with poor lighting. These during the way it is dipped in various environments, each of which points to confuse the user, or rather whats can be produced in seeds-darkness when, without being used to and a situation being different from that several relatives, more the other senses are used. At the end of this experience there will be an informative area turned to awaken and let know both the principal causes of the ipo and not vedenza, both the relative remedies, and above all the project of the ambient atmosphere in the hospitals. Subsequently he wants to make the solutions test in first person to get round these orientation difficulties and himself thanks to the cube-room placed to the space prepared exit, to leave the visitors with a reflection starting point on the hospital theme, beyond the one already received.
As regards instead the Labirintignoti communication, such a system has been planned to be yes communicate the prepared space, but also send again to the Quality Hospital project to transmit the tie which connects them: prepared in concomitance with the space, to ‘ intern of the hospital complex principals of the province, an informative show will be exposed in the greater passage points ( hall or he salts of appearance ). The presence of the informative panels in the hospital structures wants to be a starting point on the reflection of the treated themes and still importing more, a returning, to the prepared space, able to make live in first person the themes treated for a comprehension better than the themselves ones. Besides that, promocard will be used and you show 3 d to give more echo to the Labirintignoti presence, so as to attract several possible audience.

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