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Hospital System | Hi!sotopia
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A Hospital System constitutes a very complex system where there are intese flows of information, materials and, specially, people. In the designed map, it’s possible to see all the flows and procedural processes beloging to a standard italian hospital.
Doing a map’s scrutiny to find its critical points, it was clear to see that hospitals have an usual “company” structure and view about their patients. Patients are often considered as clients instead of patients, their different characteristics, knowledge about the system and cultural backgrounds are generally ignored.
The primary concept of this project is considering these differences. The first reflections generated by this approach are “How can the user know about all these processes to get his cure? And if he is a foreign? How can he express himself in this system?”
In the “Healthcure Project” the main idea is considering that it is not the user who should get adapted to the system, but the system which should get adapted to its user. In the present case, this means that the hospital should get prepared to receive different patients, including those from different cultures.
This project concerns with a “problem understanding” to improve human relationship inside the hospital environment, aiming to reduce cultural chocks between patients and employees. The service was designed taking into consideration that the hospital management must understand what kind of problem they are passing through. To make it possible, it’s necessary to collect data inside the hospital. Then, this empirical data must be decoded and interpretated by a specialized professional, who is going to understand and select the most important phenomena/ problems and, later, he is going to propose the solutions for it – the chosen methodology it’s based on the Grounded Theory, explained later in this work.

The Healthcure Project predicts, inside its service, internal learning actions and specialized tools for hospital employees that help to translate data and to optimize communication between people. This service doens’t have an “end” and doesn’t work only to solve one problem. It’s continuous and works in parallel with the hospital’s normal activities, contributing to its good working and improving the atmosphere and multicultural conscience by all people involved in.

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