Fashion System | Nodo

Fashion System | Nodo
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The project aims to give new spaces for young people intresting in fashion. We have underlined a few points in order to reach this goal.
1. Rent at low cost a place where to work.
2. Speak about fashion and share knowledge.
3. Show ideas and project.

Ispired by the nineteen century cafè in France, where ideas were created and spread all over the world, we thought to create a big place divided in different areas:
1. ATELIER where the young designers could rent a studio to work
2. PHOTO SET for fashion shooting
3. EVENT AREA to show the collection, to give lectures and concerts
4. LIBRARY provided with books, magazines, reviews and video to support the fashion culture
5. BAR where people could discuss and chill.

Moreover this place will have its pubblication to spread its own ideas about fashion. The first one is a sort of awards for student and young fashion designer, it will pubblish every year their best projects and the activities of the atelier. The second one is a book series about style theme related to fashion like: cinema, cars, photography, travel,..
There will be also a social network on line where people can share their own scouting experience and news.

The name choosen is NODO, an easy word related to fashion, to express a place where different element combined together can create something stable.

(the scenario)
(the diagram)

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