Fashion System | Look at MI

Fashion System | Look at MI
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The project aims at building a new brand image for Milano Moda, Milano fashion week. In order to reach this goal, we have planned some intermediate, micro steps that could lead us to Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (the organization that takes care of Milano Moda image) .
1. First of all we need to contact Triennale Museum, a Milan-based gallery where several cultural events take place.
2. With the help of Triennale we can ask the fashion designers to take part in the project.

They are requested to decorate black and white photos of Milan that will be shown during an exhibition at Triennale Museum. They also have to write their point of view on Milano and its fashion week.

During Milano Moda Donna in september, starts LOOKATMI, an exhibition that features the manipulated photos and a wall on which visitors can put their version of the images. On the same days, the statements fashion designers wrote about Milan are projected on buildings all over the city.
Now that we reached public opinion too, we have enough visibility and strenght to propose CNMI our project: an handbook including the results of our analysis and a rebranding proposal. This project can have a macro effect: by rethinking and rebuilding its image, Milano Moda could be competitive again and balance the quality of clothes with the quality of their package.

(the scenario)
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