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Cinematographic system | Movieit
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The main idea is a “place” (a website) in which the Italian Cultural Ministry (MiBAC) could provide suitable information about the processing of a movie production, from funding approval to shooting‐start, from post‐production to release date, in order to create a sort of beneficent expectation to whom the website users are called to participate as upcoming movie‐goer, uploading many types of contents (photos, videos, news, interviews, opinions, biography and careers editing…).
The whole process is sustained by user‐partecipation. From the first step to the last, we’re going to ask for contribution. Our goal is letting the users to raise consciousness about their role inside the net they are creating. Film students, directors, actors, producers, distributors… all of them become an active node of this network, facing the problems of the system through their direct involvement.

The project consists of three steps:
A pantomime is performing at film academies and communication faculties: he’s trying to mime public funded movies titles. Of course nobody can get the right titles because the distribution of these movies can reach very few people. So people will mix them up with other famous films. At this point the students will receive a promocard from the pantomime, through which they will be redirected to the website of the Let’s Movie It contest. Here brief and rules about the contest will be available.
Beside the pantomime’s performance some rolls of so‐called toilette‐film (a particular toilette paper created on purpose to resamble a real film) will replace the real toilette papers in the school bathrooms. These gadgets have the intention to inform students about the lack of information around the public funding system.

Call for ideas
Partecipating students can send their works to the contest website. Their spots should make people aware of the system weakness and meanwhile promote the website itself. Everyone can watch these videos on the website and make comments on them. At the of the contest, a choice of the best spots will be shown in some selected cinemas.
Awareness and promotion
Through the selected cinema network the spots made by the students can gain the attention of a wider audience. Users can now get involved in the community of the wiki, by adding new contents or just getting information about the operation and the returns of the public cinema funding. A special toolbox will grant the users to analyze and observe the current situation of the entire system rather then a specific element of the net.

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