Cinematographic System | Another point of view

Cinematographic System | Another point of view
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The cinema system tends increasingly to promote only the movie event.
For some titles media coverage is even exaggerated, and often entirely uncritical, while a number of other movies deserving culturally, artistically interesting, socially challenging, often, are totally ignored and then remain unknown to the general public. The research carried out between 2000 and 2007 on movies financed by the State, certifying that more than 40 movies are not available on DVD and are therefore devoid of vision. We want to create an event travelling in a university that can promote these movies, with also an alternative distribution.
The spread of these movies lead to the possibility of being able to carry out further investigation on the approval of the this movies and on expectations that generate among young people, can make it possible to eliminate the elements of obstacle in promoting and the development of the positive elements. We are a member of an association for the cinema, FAC (National Committee for the promotion of movie art and culture), which is calling for the promotion of movie culture. We promote exhibitions of unknown movies or little quality views, care publications of Italian movies authors and reporting periodically quality movies among those in circulation.
Our action is a promotional event that will visit the major universities of Italy with an itinerant truck. The truck will be set up like a small movie theater and allow students to be able to see movies without distribution on dvd. The students can also buy these movies with dvd on demand, and they can also help the diffusion of these movies. The name of our project is “Another point of view”, and intends to emphasize the purpose of the initiative, promote the financed movies without distribution on dvd to be revised under another point of view. It also provides a new window for these movies that deserve to be widely used and have another chance to be understood and appreciated by the public. Our sponsor are MIBAC (Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities) that provides funding for groups or entities that organize events to promote movie-making activities in Italy (pursuant to Article 19 of Legislative Decree 22 January 2004, n. 28), also inside and outside the truck, LCD screens will be used in thanks to HANNSPREE a new tecnology brand.
There are two ways to collect data among students: interviews conducted by some people outside the truck, and a questionnaire placed on the back of the ticket, to mail in a box after seeing the movie.
The questions investigate the degree of knowledge of the films, directors and actors; expectations and tastes of the audience, on topics and the possibility of the dvd purchase.
The event will cross twenty Italian universities, one for each region, during the entire academic year from October to July.
The quality films financed by the state involved in the event are 20, selected according to different movies.
Everyday (from Monday to Friday) the are four projection 10-13-15-18 with 4 different films from 10.00 AM to 20.00 PM.
On the outside of the track will be mounted a large LCD screen that will send a blob of films offered throughout the day, to attract the students and book shows.­
We expect that students can help the diffusion of this type of cinema and raise awareness to our initiative.

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