He took a duck in the face at two hundred and fifty knots

From Cyberpunk to Logofreak. An intense story about cool-hunter and web-hunter.

Why should you read it? As the author says:”If you really want to understand an era you have to investigate its most shining nightmare. A lot of thing would become clear in the light of our darkest fear
William Ford Gibson (born March 17, 1948, Conway, South Carolina) is an American-born science fiction author who has been called the father of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction, partly due to coining the term “cyberspace” in 1982, and partly because of the success of his first novel, Neuromancer, which has sold more than 6.5 million copies worldwide since its publication in 1984.
In 1967, Gibson went to Canada “to avoid the Vietnam war draft”, appearing that year in a CBC newsreel item about hippie subculture in Yorkville, Toronto. He settled in Vancouver, British Columbia five years later and began to write science fiction. Although he retains U.S. citizenship, Gibson has spent most of his adult life in Canada, and still lives in the Vancouver area.

Hey, by the way, do you know what the “patter recognition theory” is about?

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