After attending his master degree, Luca Masud collaborated with  DensityDesign Lab on several projects.
He graduated cum laude (110L/110) in 2009 in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis titled From Data to Knowledge. Visualizations as transformation processes.

Related projects


Conference Proceedings

From Data to Knowledge. Visualizations as transformation processes within the Data-Information-Knowledge continuum abstract

Luca Masud, Francesca Valsecchi, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Donato Ricci, Giorgio Caviglia. 2010.
Information Visualisation (IV), 2010 14th International Conference. 445 - 449. 26-29 July 2010, London, United Kingdom.

Journal Articles

Tell them anything but the truth: they will find their own. How we visualized the map of the future with respect to the audience of our story abstract

Michele Graffieti, Gaia Scagnetti, Donato Ricci, Mario Porpora, Luca Masud. 2011.
Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks – a Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2010.
Leonardo Journal, Vol. 44, No. 3 (2011) MIT Press