Giovanni has collaborated with DensityDesign in various projects since the “Integrated Course Final Synthesis Studio 2012-2013”.

Born in Lecco (IT), he studied Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano and, during 2012, he has also attended a Graphic Design’ semester at the Sint Lukas Hogeschool of Brussels (Belgium).

His thesis aimed to use the data coming from cinema (sources and Wikipedia) as a key to re-read society. He currently collaborates with the Statistic Division of the City of Milan, working on Data Visualization.

Related projects


Conference Proceedings

A platform for visually exploring the development of wikipedia articles full paper

Erik Borra, David Laniado, Esther Weltevrede, Michele Mauri, Giovanni Magni, Tommaso Venturini, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Richard Rogers, Andreas Kaltenbrunner. 2015.
Proceedings of the 9th International AAAI Conference of Web and Social Media.

BORDERS. Visual analysis of Cinema’s inner dynamics and evolutions. A case study based on the Internet Movie Database. link

Giovanni Magni, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Giorgio Uboldi, Giorgio Caviglia. 2014.
in In C. Coletta, S. Colombo, P. Magaudda, A. Mattozzi, L.L. Parolin and L. Rampino (eds.), A Matter of Design. Proceedings of the V STS Italia Conference 2014, STS Italia, Milan, Italy.

Contropedia – the analysis and visualization of controversies in Wikipedia articles full paper

Erik Borra, Esther Weltevrede, Paolo Ciuccarelli, David Laniado, Giovanni Magni, Michele Mauri, Richard Rogers, Tommaso Venturini. 2014.
OpenSym ’14: The International Symposium on Open Collaboration Proceedings, (May), 288021.