Gaia Scagnetti just completed a Post Doctoral research at the Design Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As Researcher and Design Strategist at MIT she conducted qualitative research for design in the topic of social sustainability, connectivity and mobility.

In 2009 she obtained a PhD degree cum Meritus in Industrial design and Multimedia Communication at the Politecnico di Milano. Her thesis work – The design practice of complexity. Communication atlas for social system integration processes – focused on the application of Complexity Science to the practice of Design in the context of social sustainable integration processes. During the doctoral research Gaia has worked as a researcher and designer at the DensityDesignLab.

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Book Chapters

New maps from the media-city. CityMurmur as a tool for the visualization of urban space link

Marco Quaggiotto, Donato Ricci, Gaia Scagnetti, Giorgio Caviglia, Daniele Guido, Michele Graffieti, Samuel Granados Lopez. 2010.
In Nouvelles cartographies, nouvelles villes. HyperUrbain.2 Ed. Khaldoun Zreik. Europia Productions.

Rappresentazione dell’intreccio. Esperimenti imperfetti sulla complessità

Gaia Scagnetti. 2009.
in Le architetture liquide, Ciastellardi M., LED

Signs of space. Interpreting the complexity of territories full paper

Gaia Scagnetti. 2009.
In International Summer School. Designing Connected Places. eds. Eleonora Lupo and Cristian Campagnaro. Milano: Editrice Compositori.

Conference Proceedings

Integration through communication tools. How design can facilitate social system integration processes

Gaia Scagnetti. 2008.
In Changing the change Proceedings, eds. Carla Cipolla and Pier Paolo Peruccio. Turin: Allemandi, July 10.

Reshaping communication design tools. Complex systems structural features for design tools full paper

Gaia Scagnetti, Donato Ricci, Giovanni Baule, Paolo Ciuccarelli. 2007.
In IASDR07 Proceedings, ed. Sharon Poggenpohl. Hong Kong, November 12.

Journal Articles

Tell them anything but the truth: they will find their own. How we visualized the map of the future with respect to the audience of our story abstract

Michele Graffieti, Gaia Scagnetti, Donato Ricci, Mario Porpora, Luca Masud. 2011.
Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks – a Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2010.
Leonardo Journal, Vol. 44, No. 3 (2011) MIT Press

Diagrammi generativi (Generative diagrams) full article

Donato Ricci, Gaia Scagnetti. 2007.
Linea Grafica, International review of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, n. 370, July/August, pag. 58/65

Culture Jamming

Gaia Scagnetti. 2005.
Linea Grafica, International review of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, n. 358, 4, July/August, pag. 24/31.


Versus – Diagrams and visualization to observe social Complexity link

Donato Ricci, Giorgio Caviglia, Gaia Scagnetti, Daniele Guido. 2010.
6th Swiss Design Network Conference, Basel, Switzerland, October 28-30, 2010