Wish you a wild 2010!

2009 has been a very exciting year,
We visualized poverty, we investigated three some relationships, we understood the meaning of fuzzy, we explored the power of halftone, we folded polyhedrons, we start to twitter, we discussed about uncertainty, turtles, Knowledge Visualization, casual loops and social audits, sustainability and ecological impacts; we addressed urban school needs, we followed student in design schools, we connected design research hubs, we drew map of future, we started a quotation wall, we argued (a lot) we agreed (sometimes) we did our best (almost always); someone went to new Orleans, someone to Paris, someone to Venice, someone to Naples, someone to Como, someone to Korea. Someone is gone and now lives far away, someone will come back. If we draw a map, it will be quite dense, of course.

Now the 2010 has started and I wish everyone an exciting and challenging year again; I wish you be brave and  question all the problems you will face, I wish you never stop till you feel it is good enough, I wish you find a way of lighten difficult situations and even more to fully enjoy the pleasant ones, i wish you will keep on telling amazing stories. happy 2010!

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