Pictograms for fathers

My three kids make me especially interested in the topic: could anyone help me with the meaning of the pictogram in the middle? As the third one could suggest, they are located beside the door of a male bathroom equipped to support fathers with children.


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  1. 1. Flavio Curella Says:

    ‘lectures room’ maybe?

  2. 2. Paolo Ciuccarelli Says:

    I received some answers, mainly via Twitter, like the one from scotchirish: “@densitydesign the one in the middle indicates there’s a seat with straps for the child so the parent can sit on the toilet if needed :]”. Well, reading the answer it could be said that it wasn’t difficult to understand the meaning of the pictogram. But what about having no experience of the existence of such a wonderful solution?! In Italy, except from Ikea, it’s quite impossible to find any support for parents with kind in public bathroom! No previous experiences, no value for a pictogram (symbols): that’s semiotics!

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