Information Design Conference 2009


After the Density design course I start a thesis about form design and the relation between people, bureucratic structure and information. In the beginning of April I went to London to partecipate at the information design conference 2009, held in Greenwich.
Not only the visualization of complex data, but also the simplification of complex informations to act in daily life: documents, forms, wayfinding, health information, instruction and explanation,  are some of the topics discussed.
Contributions emphasized the multidisciplinarity of information design, by gathering linguists, psychologists, specialized authors, communication designers: two days of debates and meeting in a confortable exchange mood.
Organizers Paul Stiff and Rob Waller of the Reading  simplification centre were among the speakers.
An interesting contribution with regard to Inclusive Design came from Colette Jeffrey, who presented as an example the legible london project and future applications of information-inclusive-design.
Max Gadney, (Commissioning Executive in BBC Vision)  illustrated some information graphic projects. He also speaks about sharing research in the information designer community.
Borries Schwesinger, author of “Formulare gestalten”, presented a comparative analysis of online services offered by European governments: they complicate life and probablty we have to be patient.
Boag Associates, Text Matters and Studio Lift, all dealing with document design, were attending.
Regarding complex system mapping and data visualization, the next upcoming meeting will be the DD4D (Data Design for Decision) Conference in Paris in June.

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