Fold it, it makes sense! Six stories about poverty.

Density Open Day 2009

Who are the poor? Poverty is neither a number nor an index. It cannot be reduced to a line that divides those who are above and those who are below, establishing a unique space for social exclusion. Poverty is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon. Its reduction to a fragmented representation could generate distorted visions of the phenomenon and allow ineffective or counterproductive interventions.

Communication design addresses semiotics, statistics and social sciences methods to investigates how diagrammatic devices could help in preserving the complexity of the phenomenon and in communicating it. The aim is to build up the conditions for more aware interventions.
Six dimensions of the poverty phenomenon were analyzed, challenging the students ability in the use of different visual tools and modes, to build a shared understanding between different stakeholders.

The Open Day is an opportunity to (re)connect the different dimensions and to (re)build the big picture of poverty.


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