How does a Murmur come to life?

How does a Murmur come to life?

It all began last week, in a city of huge grace.
And wondering how cool would have been
to look around through the eyes of “Media Space”,
we found in a great workshop the solution within.

That’s the flow of the news,
the humans in the world diffuse!
said somebody jumping out from behind:
Yes of course! … but where the hell this could be find?!“.

And silence in the room suddenly fell down.
Because, as you may have understood,
this somebody didn’t even figured out.
Thus we were shot forth to our desk made of wood.

But something out there was going to meet our needs.
Two simple words: RSS feeds.
We should have only searched for streets and places name,
skimming through blogs or online newspaper to please our aim.

So let’s begin to choose the sources“, Mr. Somebody says now.
And he is right but once again he’s missing to say how.
He desperately wants to be useful, and so he goes a little chitty:
“I will collect manually a list of all the sites which talks about the city!”

Well, at the beginning it sounds fool:
how could a person work like a mule?
But actually it was the only way we figured out
so: “Thanks Somebody! It’s great, no doubt!

After three or four days, he’s coming out a little slimmed down,
but who cares?! We’ve got a media panel ready to redraw the town!
Here it goes: people select the most influential sites,
based on what an other on-line-human writes.

But from all the media-flow that remains
can pass only the ones with RSS brains.
And last, the ultimate bounce
is only for those which “city” pronounce.

In the microscopic world of information spores
the technology allows us to suck any news cores.
Then we store: carefully handmade bottle are able
(you’d never guess how much) to contain and to label.

And then there’s a map of the street,
and the bottle of news is filling up!
We should make them meet.
How could we ever fill this gap?!

Could be a work for a mule, that’s for sure!
But no! We can’t ask Mr. to do something like before.
The engine we produced will read all the information
and will give the Murmur his own configuration.

That’s it! Now everything has started running faster
and lots of things will be implemented the days after.
Stay tuned on, because it’s worth to.
And this verses are to let you know: we too.

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