Designer & the Elastic Mind: an interview with Paola Antonelli (and the relation between scale and complexity)

Quoting from Paola Antonelli interiew:

What has changed in scale is that is not anymore about the dimension, but rather about the complexity

(via SwissMiss)


  1. 1. Paolo Ciuccarelli Says:

    Paola Antonelli also says: “It’s about the complexity and the amount of data we are facing”, and she mentions the section of the exhibition dedicated to the large scale, that ranges from the visualization of the universe to the visualization of the Genoma: it’s not dimension, it’s complexity!
    In the interview there are also two “links” with our Density Design course: 1) the inspiration for the exhibition comes from the video “Power of Ten” by Charles and Ray Eeames, one of our preferred, that we use to show during the first lessons; 2) the collaboration with Adam Bly, that we mentioned some months ago:

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