Election Day

election day
, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

Density Design (GS+DR) is returning officer and secretary in one of the polling station during the italian election day 2008.
The compulsive obsession for graphs and diagrams led us to draw this…
As soon as possible a more detailed piece about the experience that made envy all others polling places 🙂




  1. 1. Paolo Ciuccarelli Says:

    …it’s typical of a real DensityDesigner: he/she tries always to take part actively in any decision making process, and – if possible – to re-design the interfaces. Looking forward to a Gaia Scagnetti fan club….

  2. 2. gaia scagnetti Says:

    WHO UPLOADED THESE REALLY REALLY EMBARASSING VIDEOS?? I do not want to be on TV, expecially saying stupid stuff about magic pencils at seven o’clock on sunday morning!

    to all user of this blog: that is not me, it is a sosia! 😉

  3. 3. Donato Ricci Says:

    gaia for president!!!

  4. 4. Paolo Ciuccarelli Says:

    …you are not on TV, you are on the Internet….and this could be even worst! Enjoy it!

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