Hospital System | Scenario | Emotive analfabetysm

Hospital System | Scenario, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

The scenario “Emotive analfabetysm” represents how the introduction of the narrative medicine can modify the hospital system. From the title, we understand that the aspect of the incapability of some doctors to create a relationship with patients, and to see the patient as a person and not as a number. The scenery shows how this change is possible thanks to the narrative medicine, that now we have not study, but only considered in the formal and stylistic representation.
So, we decided to use a paper, not a video, precisely to avoid the use of an instrument cold and less manual. The used technique, taken from the comic style, gives the idea of drawing, to express as much as possible what a person has in mind, and thus the free-hand drawing. The choice uf using only the white and black came from the characteristinc of our scenario: it can be finished and then compiled (and terminated) by anyone, by every person that reads this paper. The reader in the moment in which was writing and then designing (ending his scenario) was making narrative medicine.

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