Cinematographic System | Scenario | Muro di gomma

The current model of distribution is centered to the movie as a product rather then as cultural good.
Distribution issues
Distribution’s aim is to get the movie seen by people and to get back the money spent for that.

Main expenses:
* logistics (physical distribution)
* promotion (media buying)
* tv
* press
* billboards
* etc.
Most movie can’t get into the theatres just because they are inadeguate to the theatres. They need a diffent model of distribution.
An alternative model must not have the theatre’s restrictions, limiting to zero these costs.

Design Principles:
* Do not force anyone
* Do NOT prevent movies’ returns to the traditional model
* ‘Everybody is happy’ (to comply all the subjects involved)
* distribution model as a lifebuoy
* auto-selective
* agevolation to public-funded movies
* the system constantly expands on new an different medias
* it is the long tail of cinema.
* technology-agnostic: everywhere, regardless of platforms and formats, and everywhen, on demand.

Traditional model:
* movie as a product
* linear and diachronic
* stiff
* slow
New model:
* movie as an artistic work
* timeless and synchronic
* chaotic by design
* open

* new movies’ genres
* new patterns of use

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