Boiling Ocean

Boiling Ocean, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

The map shows both ocean actual situations and an hypotetic future development according to the issues discussed by oceanographer Vincenzo Artale in his essay.
The graphical interpretation point out the growing importance of the mediterranean conveyor processes and the critical relationship that may lead to an incoming “ice age”.
It emphasizes the Mediterranean and Atlantic roles and highlights their stream crossing the whole system.

The point width refers to the number of relationship preceding the hypothesis or the argument.
The “phenomena development direction” suggest the way the information had been written down.

This is the first diagram of the series based on the article of Vincenzo Artale, about global warming and its non linear consequence, we have asked to our student to depict what the oceanographer says about the issue.

All the other diagrams are stored on our flickr space, give a look!

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