how make the city a safer place…

crime spotting
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The ads I wrote to rent the flat near mine said “looking for open couple, freak single, student only if amazing, young people with particular night life…”. I thought it would help me to find a special and funny neighbour, someone you feel free to ask an egg for your midnight pasta.
But maybe I was wrong: I should use the USA methods. I should check if my borough was safe visiting crimespotting, where you can find an interactive map built on the local police department database that shows the crime situation of your borough. It use different colors code: red for murders and theft, blue for prostitution and drug dealing, and green for vandalism and car stealing. Or I could use offender locator a software that aggregates data (that in USA are public!) on the so called sex offender and visualises them on your city’s map. It shows you where people convicted of sex offence are living and it warns you if their move to your neighbourhood. In the creators opinion these are the right methods to make the city a safer place. But I want to suggest a new code for this map, more respectful to privacy and definitely more funny: yellow, for people who want to sleep during the weekend, red for lovers of smelly food as cabbage, and blue for house night party addicted. Maybe it wouldn’t make the city a safer place but it would prevent you to be woke up by the your neighbour’s new 10000 watt hoover at 7 o’clock on Sunday morning. Or, as Donato suggests, we should all live close to our city mafia boss: surely, nothing could happen there.


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