Discrete vision urban space.

corel001, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

N.EST, EastNaples, is a lay out on urban imaginary, a database of artworks that are index-linked on a geographical grid of a real ground – the Eastern part of Naples – at which artists are requested to inspire themselves. EastNaples is the (art)work of recognition over a place through digital and visual arts, creativity and research. It will re give a multiple vision of the metamorphosis of the urban scene during the next future. N.EST is an hybrid half art, half research and everyday experience; it is a talk place and develops itself as a cultural active subject: N.EST records the present and its perceptions.

N.EST is database linked to the map if East Naples: a symbolic space located at napoliest.it, napoliest.com, napoliest.net, eastnaples.it, areaest.com. N.EST is a multilayer project: by basing on two function levels, N.EST works through art project and involves different creativities. N.EST is either an urban critic artwork and an originator of contents and expressions, a reflection base and a contemporaries archive born for a confrontation with a space with the aim of meet it intimately: to understand and therefore to interpret/modify also in a non – digital way.
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