Collaborative Storytelling Experiment

The Cambrian Game, originally uploaded by densitydesign.

This is a sort of experimental interactive creativity, in real time. You can write a sentence trying to connetc the previous sentence whit the next one, suggested by the software. Six books are already completed, these are the titles: Volume 1, Volume 2, George w. bush speech, Dear John, Letter from camp, College Woes.
Now are coming 11 stories: general (6.1%), adventure (3.5%), historical (2.6%), horror (2.8%), sci-fi (2.4%), fantasy (2.9%), mystery (7.6%), crime (3.1%), humo(u)r (4.3%), romance (2.9%), erotic (3.1%)

The Cambrian Game.
The Cambrian Game is the game in which players can submit their own leaf to the tree in the virtual space. You can link a new leaf to any leaf which you are inspired by. A leaf can trigger some leaves, and the tree will grow explosively.
The Cambrian Game Series in EXPO 2005 Aichi is a continuous series of Cambrian game sessions with a variety of ideas.

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