DensityDesign Lab

DensityDesign is a research lab at the Design Department in Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Our research revolves around information visualisation, tackling the design challenges arising from the visual exploration and communication of social and cultural phenomena read more...


The project is a collaboration between DensityDesign and CSI Piemonte . CSI is a public consortium grouping a large number of Public Administrations... more...
The coming of social networks has offered the researchers immense opportunities to collect data which even increase rapidly and continuously. The... more...
Poster: Freshwater, an Agricultural Issue. In a World where Climate Change is becoming a serious concern, where population grows dramatically and... more...


DensityDesign Open Presentations 2022

We are happy to invite you to the Open Presentations of the Final Synthesis


DMI Winter School 2020. Post-API Research? On the contemporary study of social media data

University of Amsterdam, Law Faculty Inside Court by Txllxt TxllxT [CC


Mapping and representing informal transport: the state of the art

This research is a preliminary step for an upcoming project. Its focus is to