The climate change phenomenon has long been a controversial subject both in science, technology and society.
Even though there is a large scientific and mediatic consensus on the global warming issue, we can’t ignore other equally important positions of dissent.
The increasing availability of datasets and reports on global warming has contributed to the rising of public discussions and a growing desire for knowledge and involvement from individuals.
Every controversy is a complex system that should be observed considering the multiplicity of points of view, allowing different interpretations and decisions.

Is global warming an unprecedented phenomenon or is it a part of normal climatic variations? How much our society affects the climate change phenomenon?
Does global warming influence worldwide water distribution? What is the relation between climate change and diseases? Will small islands eventually disappear? What is going to be the effect on polar glaciers? Is it possible to feed all human beings without destroying our planet? These are a few questions that emerged from the analysis of official sources and the explorations of online debates, to which we applied information visualization tecniques in order to uncover possible directions for the climate change adaptation process.
We will learn to observe and understand complex issues that involve social discussion on scientific matters, then to communicate the result as visual artifacts. The aim of the studio is controversies mapping as a supportive tool to facilitate public participation.

This are the research topics given to students:

  • Freshwater resources and their management
  • Ecosystem, their properties, goods and services
  • Food, fibre and forest products
  • Coastal systems and low-lying areas
  • Industry, settlement and society
  • Human health
  • Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic)
  • Small islands

The following projects were developed by the students through the course:

The following students partecipated to this year's course:

Santiago Orlando Villa Camacho, Guido Chiefalo, Marco Agosta, Stefania Guerra, Matilde Arduini, Giulia Eleonora Spruzzola, Alex Piacentini, Elena Conchetto, Laura Varisco, Veronica Frisicaro, Federica Conversano, Lucia Palombi, Francesco Pontiroli, Lorenzo Berte', Giacomo Traldi, Rossella Ermacora, Eleonora Cattaneo, Mariolina Suglia, Dian Wei, Lorenzo Aprigliano, Emanuele Marsura, Andrea Ferrari, Paolo Panzuti Bisanti, Elisa Mariangela Raciti, Emanuele Luppino, Federica Fragapane, Michela Lazzaroni, Alessandro Dondero, Marco Bernardi, Silvia Acerbi, Elisa Angelico, Lorenzo Fantetti, Achille Calegari, Irene Murrau, Federica D'urzo, Veronica Caglio, Lara Caputo, Enrico Luparello, Giulia Minacciolo, Irene Zocco, Giulio Fagiolini, Bruna Cirincione, Alessandro Pomè, Francesco Majno, Stefano Agabio, Roberto Scotti, Andrea Larghi, Clara Zorzoli, Filippo Maria Donisi, Jlenia Vertemara, Anna Menegolli, Samantha Pietrovito, Michele Crivellaro, Cosimo Torsoli, Paola Berardelli, Ilaria Segreto