The Report: The Trending Models

The base of our controversy are mathematical climate models that simulate the complexity of our climate in order to understand how it works and how it might evolve
in the future, also due to human kind activities that may affect the changes in the Earth temperature. The controversy is about weather they are reliable in studying climate and making projections or not. Two sides have been found: the scientific community that has confidence in models usefulness, and media that depict them as completely wrong. The aim of the research has been that of understanding where science and media meet up in this exchange of opinions and how, finding that the dialogue between the two sides is nearly inexistent. This missing dialogue affects the right divulgation of how climate science works, making the topic of global warming and climate projections understandable at a very superficial level.

The Website: Is Global Warming Real?

Since the core of the controversy is that there is a huge lack of information about climate science, the aim of our website is that of explaining at a deeper level the efforts made by the scientific community in developing models and their difficulties in understanding climate phenomena. The target chosen is composed by students and people that are already interested in climate issues, that want to better understand this topic. The structure of the narration starts then from highlighting the main question of climate science, goes through the explanation of how models are built, with historical hints, crosses today’s research horizon making main problems stand out and concludes by summing up main opinions about climate projections and models, giving the possibility of reaching the other websites that treat the topic throughout the web. This kind of path allows the user to collect the necessary knowledge to understand the controversy correctly and to build a conscious personal opinion.

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Clara Gargano
Alessia Mennuni
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