The Report: Go with the Flow

The Website: Go with the Flow

Based on the report, the website is targeted on middle school children. It aims to build
awareness about the issue in order to let future men and women decide by themselves
what they want for their cities.
The proposed website consist on an introduction to the problem with causes and consequences
of floods, then we show where currently are the most destroying floods and
we explain how at the moment the problem is managed by various actors.
The final part is an interactive map of an utopic city, in which we show what happens
if someone choose one solution or another one, divided in hard and soft engineering
solutions and one example of combination.
It’s up to you the choice for your future!

note: we do not guarantee that the website is cross browser. we apologise if you experience some problems while browsing the website



Clara Giacalone
Chiara Maffessanti
Ylenia Micci
Iolanda Piccinini
Annalinda Ruocco
Alice Tavernini