Poster: Freshwater, an Agricultural Issue.

In a World where Climate Change is becoming a serious concern, where population grows dramatically and developing countries push their industries to produce more and more goods, Water plays a key role. This chart focuses on water usage by Agriculture, as it is the major source of water withdrawals all around the world. When we talk about Agriculture, we mean everything linked to the production of food (vegetables, animals), fibers, fuel and raw materials which are intended to be machined by, for example, the textile industry. In this scenario, we are observing how agriculture uses water, dividing it in two big sections: irrigation-based agriculture and rainfed agriculture; this division is the best in order to point out how Agriculture is affected by Climate Change. Why? Because climate change increases temperatures, and temperatures increase extreme precipitation events which cause the rainfed agriculture to suffer due to runoff (the flowing of water on soil). Moreover, the more temperature rises, the more glaciers melt and sea level increases, decreasing the amount of freshwater available for mankind. In the last part of the scheme, the red one, focus is made on actions, laws and influences put in act by the Organizations which concern Earth and Climate Change. Actions and Acts go in the climate change adaptation direction; they are not quantifiable but they express the need to take action in favour of a world where water is no longer a concern.

Freshwater: an agricultural issue

Report: Desalination Desolution

Desalination is one of the many subjects which might be considered while discussing about climate change. From the specific case of the Wonthaggi desalination Plant, this report explains how seawater desalination, although it is not the most debated issue, mostly because of its defined areas of interest, it is one of the points where the climate change controversy takes place. In order to find what we needed to search on the internet to find some valuable results, we began to put some keywords and concepts in Google Trends, discovering the most searched terms or sentences, than we represent the result with a network-draft.
From this work we found which actors are involved and how they speak.
The last ananalisys that we made was about The Age, an online newspaper, an importat actor in the controversy.

Video: Desalination Desolution

Starting from the informations collected in the report, the video aims to show the path of analysis carried out by the group to find them. We also tried to show the complexity of the information, and of the the topic controversy.

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The Age


Andrea Molteni
Stefano Pellegrini
Ileana Ricci
Alice Teruzzi
Alessandro Tonelli