MURMUR – Call for Collaborators, ovrflw, Gaia Scagnetti and some members of the Density Design Lab, under the nom de plume Writing Academic English, are proud to annouce that Murmur is one of the selected projects for VISUALIZAR’08: DATABASE CITY – International Workshop-Seminar, Madrid, November 3-18, 2008.

Data Visualization is a transversal discipline which harnesses the immense power of visual communication in order to explain, in an understandable manner, the relationships of meaning, cause and dependency which can be found among the great abstract masses of information generated by scientific and social processes.
The Visualizar project, directed by José Luis de Vicente, is conceived as an open and participartory research project around theory, tools and estrategies of information visualization.
Medialab-Prado issues a call for all those interested in taking part in the VISUALIZAR’08: DATABASE CITY  project development workshop (from November 3 through 18), by collaborating in any of the teams that will develop the selected proposals. Deadline October 31st.

MURMUR aims to visualise the media attention on the urban space, in order to redraw a map of the city based on what is being said on each street.
The goal of this project is to understand and visualise how different media describe the urban space trough the attention that is paid on each street of the city. Official news, blog and personal website, thematic media will be monitored to generate maps that highlight the patterns of perception of the urban space. This mapping will lead to the creation of an atlas that will monitor in time the changing perception of the city areas. The atlas will produce different maps based on different themes, sources and time.

For the project we would appreciate the collaboration of people with valuable skills in:
– Management of GIS data
– PHP+SQL programming. Preferably with experience in parsing of rss data and google queries
– ActionScript 3 scripting
– Spanish new/old media consultant

If you are interested, feel free to ask any questions. See you soon!

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